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February 10, 2004



Hello Mr C,
Just wanted to say though I will not be 'there' today my thoughts and love are sent your way and to the rest of Emmas family. Be gentle on yourself eh, as I suspect Emma would have told you:0) I hope the sun shines the birds sing and the crocus fill the air with colour and light as you all make this public farewell. I am donning my VERY pink sweater and outrageously noticable hat this morning as Mr Bryn and I take our walk along the river path. I will stop and throw a stone into the river wishing for it to be some of the pain you must feel and to watch the ripples and be thankful that I was touched by the ripples of love Emma caused in the pond of life and I was touched by.
Take care


Thank you for these pictures, I love seeing her smile :)


Hey Colin,

We've never met but i've heard plenty of good stuff via Emma and Adie. We are thinking of you lots over here in Sydney.




i like the picture on the top left. she has the cheekiest smile on her face.


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