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February 16, 2004



Hello Mr C,
Just wanted to say.....well lots of thoughts and words jumbled up at the moment so just wishing you many more grand fry ups, be healthy for yourself when it's the right time and I'd say it'll still include the delights of eggs and tobasco.
As far as you travelling alone, it won't happen you know, yep Emma is dead as shitty as that is and will continue to be she'll continue to travel with you cos she didn't just bounce into your life but crept into your heart and found safe place and there she'll travel with you and smile when your heart smiles for I feel that is who she was and will continue to be. No picnics or shared bubly on a beach or funny romantic hectic times together but always somewhere in that heart of yours she'll stay safe and understand when you smile again and be glad.
Hope you blew the froth off the Boddingtons first, take care.

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