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January 31, 2004



my love is with you both

malc x
(and mel too)


We have never met and probably never will but Emma is daily in my thoughts and she is definitely there when I set aside time to send love and light to other hearts and minds which is what I see 'prayer' to be. You and the rest rest of those who are dear to her heart are also in my thoughts.
It is in the moment we live and each moment IS precious to hearts that hear and Emma strikes me as someone who hears share that with her be it in pain or joy and you'll both know love and light I am sure.
Take care of you too eh. Best wishes and love.

Beth W.

I am glad you were with our friend yesterday (and perhaps today?)

My prayers are with you, Candygirl and others dear to her.

Thank you for writing this post.


hey man,

my thoughts are with you. All of this seems to have happened so quick, it really is unbelievable. look after yourself, will look forward to chatting again soon before meeting up again when i am in town.

i think emma and yourself have shown amazing strength throughout all of this. I feel so happy that Em has you beside her, im sure it eases her pain.

take care my friend. look after yourself.



Hey Colin,

Don't know where to start, other than to echo the words of many others; that my thoughts are with you and Emma and that I am feeling for you right now. Adie hits the nail on the head when he talks about the strength that both of you have shown. It is incredible.

I only came across Candygirl's blog in the last couple of weeks. I had been somewhat out of touch since we last had spoken and hadn't realised just how out of touch I had been. The words in those pages, and this one, make a big impression, in all sorts of ways. What comes across most clearly is the love that is felt; the love of those that have been touched by the words in these postings, the love for Emma that you have and the love for you that she holds.

They seem tiny little inconsequential things, words, when written down like this in black and white, and when trying to cover adequately that which you know would take hours of conversation. But those that she and you have posted in recent weeks do you both proud.

Take good care Mister C.


Your strenght inspires me. My thoughts are with you both.


Hi C.,

So nice to see both of you with such hope, inspiration and strength at such a cruel and testing time. Haven't known you two for long, but long enough to be touched by your strengths through all this.

Those of us who don't pray can still give love and hope in other ways. Thinking of you both.

Take care, Eddy

Mister C

Thank you all for your kind words of support.


i love emma's self portraits on her blog, polaroids, cheshire grin, bright pink w/flowers, cool shades... nice to read all these words, thoughts, feelings. it all connects us to her, you, your shared experience. we're all there, here, with you... be in touch... steph

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